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Agile World Spanish Language Show is the second of many language versions that we want to produce and broadcast to support agilists globally.

Agile World in Spanish we invite professionals passionate about agility, their mentality and people from Latin America, Spain and anyone who speaks Spanish. Would you like to share your experiences and learnings in one of our programs? Contact us here.

The Spanish Language Show was born out of a new movement in Agile. It is focused on people being part of a global community. It’s about Agile in all its different flavors. Its creation as part of the Agile20Reflect Festival has created an opportunity to build a global communication platform. Agile World has established a technical platform for distribution. Its programming style that is intended to be fun, full of joy and hope.

This show, is the second version of many languages. We want to broadcast in many other languages​​to support globally.

Spanish Show Hosts

Agile World English

Fred MadrigalLuis Mulato  and  Alexandra Oporto d’Ugard  are preparing a new version of this space where you can learn about #agility  while having fun and exploring various fields.



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