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Agile World Broadcast Media, Hollywood, California was set up as a Not-for-Profit Entertainment and Education organization for supporting people to gain free access to Agile education and continued professional development for existing Agile practitioners.

Agile World is now on 16 digital platforms and working on another 16 at the moment, it continues to strengthen its format through enabling content creators from other languages ​​and time zone to encompass the world.

Agile World Vision

Agile World is committed to listening and communicating within the agile world community so offers open programming and educational materials to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of Agile and how it can aid them in their everyday life. Agile Teachers, Agile Architects, Agile Government, Agile Treasury, Agile FMCG, Agile Healthcare any kind of agile practice or experience is welcome. If you have Agile Stories you want to share send your stories here https://agile-world.news/send-your-stories/

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Talk shows

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Our Hosts

  • Alexandra Porto   https://www.linkedin.com/in/ceciliaalexandraoportodugard/
  • Jorge Ulsen  https://www.linkedin.com/in/jorgeulsenrivas/
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