Agile World en Español Alexis Hidalgo, de Chile

Entrevistando a Alexis Hidalgo de Chile, Agile World en Español Serie 1, Episodio 1

On this occasion, we had the pleasure of talking with Alexis Hidalgo from Chile https://www.linkedin.com/in/ahidalgog/. A very nice person and experienced Agility professional.

Are you ready to join this new adventure? Welcome to our first episode!

We invite you to discover how this enthusiastic friend has developed Agile in his professional and personal life.

Thank you very much Alexis for joining us on our debut!

Alexis Hidalgo is a professional trained in Industrial Engineering with a double degree and International Certifications, which has allowed me to generate solutions through both a global and a specific vision of things.

Within my accumulated experience of +12 years, I have been trained in various fields and areas such as Operations, Accounting Control, Process Control, Business Intelligence, Projects, Business Models, Customer Experience, Digital Banking, Human Resources, Cultural Transformation / Digital, Agility, Lean and Emotional Intelligence, resulting in comprehensive, solid and recognized learning and performance.

Regarding some of my complex skills (soft), I can mention flexibility, active observation / listening to obtain solutions, dynamism to obtain results, empathic in interpersonal relationships and horizontal to work in a team.

Contact us to participate; however, Agile World can edit your contributions and cannot guarantee that all contributions will be published online or included in the program. Spanish program espanol@agile-world.news

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