Potenciando Agilidad y Talento

Potenciando Agilidad y Talento, Temporada 1, Episodio 4

Boosting Agility and Talent. Talent Management and Agility are 2 topics that can be greatly enhanced, according to what Sylvia de Hohberg, from Uruguay, told us.

Sylvia is an experienced Coach, who has led People areas and who -in addition- has integrated the mindset of agility to enhance her advisory work to organizations.

Join us and enjoy this interesting conversation we had in a new episode of ¡Agile World en Español!

Contact us to participate; however, Agile World can edit your contributions and cannot guarantee that all contributions will be published online or included in the program. Spanish   program espanol@agile-world.news Agile World interview program with Alexandra Oporto and Jorge Rivas on YouTube.

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